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10 Ideas to start a fashion business

If you want to start a fashion business, there are several proved business models, you can rely on. Here are some ideas: 1 – Import and sell online One of the easiest way to start a fashion business is to import clothes from countries that produce cheap clothes and sell it online. First you have […]

20 theme ideas to decorate your store window

Every store needs a minimum of 2 themes per year to decorate the store window. I personally recommend between 4 and 8 different themes. It is not easy to find ideas, that’s why I made this list. In this list you’ll find 20 ideas to decorate your store window. 1 – Beach This is a […]

10 Ideas to get new customers to your store

I’m going to show you some ideas to get new customers to your store. A few ideas are well known, but I’ll give new tips on these ideas that you probably don’t know. Other ideas are less well known. Both are effective and were tested. I divided the 10 ideas in two groups. 5 for […]

25 Best books for retailers

Before I tell you what are, in my opinion, the 25 best books for retailers, I think you should know a little about me. This way, you can know if these books are also a good fit for you. I am a retail owner and consultant. What I know about retail is what I learned […]

How to start a clothing business

Before you start a clothing business If you want to start a clothing business, first be prepared to: Love fashion and design. Work hard. Although this is true for all businesses, the fashion business is more time consuming. Remember that every season (2 or 4 times a year) you have to change your products. Selecting […]

From an empty store to a store full of customers

If you’re a retailer, you’ve seen this phenomenon several times. You store is empty. No customers. And it stays empty for long minutes (or even hours). Then one customer enters. Then another. Others pass in front, look inside, and they enter too. Now, like magic, you have a store full of customers. And they keep […]

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