Re-inventing the art of selling products

Create an amazing image for your clothing store

This is a step-by-step course for anyone who wants to renew or create a new image for a clothing store.

With this course, you’ll have a store with an image that stands out from the competition. A store where customers will want to shop.



What is included in the course:

Book 1 – Decoration

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • What is the best decoration for each of the 4 styles of image (minimalist, boutique, vintage / retro, and modern contemporary)
  • How to decorate the store base (flooring, walls, and ceilings) with the best materials and designs, keeping the budget low, including ideas for renovations in few days.
  • Which are the best displays and the ones that bring the best results to each store style.
  • The secrets to creating fitting rooms where customers want to buy the products they tried.
  • How to take advantage of the center of the store, and transform into a zone of big sales.
  • How to light a store with style and efficiency.
  • The secret of storefronts that make customers notice them, and want to enter the store.
  • Suggestions of furniture and equipment for homes that you can transform and use in your store. (You will save lots of money)
  • And much more.

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Book 2 – Displaying

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • What are the best types of sorting and displaying of clothing for each type of store
  • The power of demonstration, and how to display products to demonstrate, so that you influence the choice of customers.
  • Multiple display techniques to make the best use of store’s equipent.
  • The secrets to having a store always looking complete, even if you have few merchandise to sell.
  • What are the best hangers for each store style and type of products, and techniques to embellish the hangers in a simple way.
  • Folding techniques that improve the image of clothing and make customers want to pick up clothes and buy.
  • Unique ideas for presenting clothing.
  • How to improve the store image by using simple everyday objects.
  • What are the best equipment to create shop windows that will get customers in to buy.
  • And much more.

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Book 3 – Brand and Graphic Materials

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • What is the best type of logo for each store style.
  • How to make logos that can be used everywhere.
  • How to hire a professional to make a logo for less than 20 dollars, or how you can even make your own logo.
  • What are the best fonts for your store, and where to get those fonts for free.
  • How to create eye-catching price lists and make the products look like they are not expensive.
  • What are the main shop signs you’ll need, and how to make them.
  • Why your employees should wear uniforms, and ideas for original uniforms.
  • What packaging your store will need.
  • How to make packaging that stand out and make the customers promote your store for free.
  • How to decorate a car to make effective advertising of the store.
  • And much more.

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As extras you’ll find in this course, the following:

  • Checklists – Several lists for you to complete and know, at any time, how the work is going.
  • Fonts – Various fonts suitable for each style of image. The fonts are free of copyright, which means you can use them in any work.
  • Images of shops. Dozens of store images, by style, for you to be inspired.
  • Mandalas. Geometric designs that you can have cut out on vinyl, and stick to the dressing rooms floor.
  • Messages designed to cut in vinyl and put on walls or mirrors.
  • Sign templates, which include the following themes: New Collection, Promotions, and Sales. The signs are ready to be printed.
  • Price list models. You can change the names of the products and the prices, and you’ll have original price lists ready to print.

Who is this course for?

This course is for both shop owners who already have a physical store, as well as for those who are still going to open one.

Retailers who already have a store but who need to refresh the image will find these handbooks extremely useful because there are many improvement solutions. You don’t need to change the store completely. You just have to choose the elements that have to be improved, and then, improve as your time and money are available.

All transformations are designed to be made in a short time. If you want, in less than two weeks you can have a new image and a significant increase in sales.

For those who have not yet opened a store, this course will show you which are all the elements you need to create to have a perfect image. By following this course, you’ll be certain that you won’t forget anything.

How the course works

  • This course is digital, and consists of several ebooks and documents in PDF, word and images.
  • You won’t receive anything by mail. You’ll receive an email with a link to download the whole course. You can start working immediately.
  • You can print the ebooks to make the job easier.
  • There are hundreds of photos and diagrams explaining in detail.
  • In addition, there are many links to view more images.
  • The information is written (not video). And so it’s much easier to search the information without having to spend hours watching videos until you find the information you wanted.
  • At the end of the chapters there will always be a suggestion of the simplest and most economical solution, for those who don’t want to waste time or spend a lot of money.

Guarantee of satisfaction

If you find this is not the product for you,  just let me know within 30 days.

I’ll give you a full and prompt refund.

That way, you risk nothing.

How to buy this course

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The price is only $79. 

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Create an amazing image for your clothing store
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