Re-inventing the art of selling products


How to cross sell in retail

One of the ways to increase sales without increasing costs is to cross sell. Cross sell is selling extra products and services to customers while they are buying other products or services. A customers decides to buy product A. You tell him: How about also buying product B? With this, you’ll be able to increase […]

10 Ideas to get new customers to your store

I’m going to show you some ideas to get new customers to your store. A few ideas are well known, but I’ll give new tips on these ideas that you probably don’t know. Other ideas are less well known. Both are effective and were tested. I divided the 10 ideas in two groups. 5 for […]

From an empty store to a store full of customers

If you’re a retailer, you’ve seen this phenomenon several times. You store is empty. No customers. And it stays empty for long minutes (or even hours). Then one customer enters. Then another. Others pass in front, look inside, and they enter too. Now, like magic, you have a store full of customers. And they keep […]

The annoying “I know everything” customers.

Great customers One of the great advantages of having a store (especially in case of brick and mortar stores) is that you usually deal with great customers. I don’t know about you but, I owned several stores in two different countries and I found that the majority of customers are nice people who just want […]

Pros and Cons of opening a fashion store

I have started several fashion retail businesses, and I remember that many of the expectations I had were not right. Some things went better than I thought, but others went worse. That’s why I think I’m able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of opening a fashion store. This is my personal opinion based on […]

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