Your customers don’t order starters or desserts?

“No thank you.” Unfortunately this is a common answer when restaurant waiters ask clients if they want starters or desserts. One of the biggest difficulties of a restaurant is to have customers order starters or desserts. And yet, this is one of the most powerful, and simple, ways to boost sales. Simple, because customers are […]

The annoying “I know everything” customers.

Great customers One of the great advantages of having a store (especially in case of brick and mortar stores) is that you usually deal with great customers. I don’t know about you but, I owned several stores in two different countries and I found that the majority of customers are nice people who just want […]

Pros and Cons of opening a fashion store

I have started several fashion retail businesses, and I remember that many of the expectations I had were not right. Some things went better than I thought, but others went worse. That’s why I think I’m able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of opening a fashion store. This is my personal opinion based on […]

The only two strategies for a successful store

Have you ever heard a retailer saying “I want to be the next Zara” or H&M, or Amazon? I heard it, many times. I like people with big ambitions, but it’s easier to win the lottery than being one of the biggest retailers on earth. In reality, many big retailers don’t have a successful store.

How to decorate your store for Christmas

For a lot of stores, Christmas is still the best season of sales. A decoration, specially made for Christmas, is important for two reasons: It reminds customers to buy their Christmas gifts. Also tells them, your store is a place where many people buy gifts for Christmas. If not, why would you bother to make special […]

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