Re-inventing the art of selling products


Tips for a clothing store counter desk

The counter desk of a clothing store has the following main functions: Accommodate the entire IT and billing system. Place of payment for customers. Storage of bags and packaging. Arranging of administrative material, such as official documents, manuals, billing and transportation documents. Impulse shopping zone, also known as last-minute sales. Information area for clients. Displaying […]

How to cross sell in retail

One of the ways to increase sales without increasing costs is to cross sell. Cross sell is selling extra products and services to customers while they are buying other products or services. A customers decides to buy product A. You tell him: How about also buying product B? With this, you’ll be able to increase […]

Case Study: A gift voucher

In certain cases, a gift voucher can be a win / win scenario. One of my clients, in retail consulting, is a small retail business that belongs to my family, so I can talk about the tests we make in the stores without professional ethics issues. The stores sell mainly to foreign tourists. We sell […]

My life in Fashion Retail

Twenty years have passed since I started my career in retailing. It all started when I finished college. I had just finished my degree in Economics and was starting my degree in Management. My father asked me if I could give some help in our family stores and I accepted. My family had been in […]

The future of retail

The future is uncertain by nature. Nobody really can predict the future. At least I can’t (I wish I could). I am not going to predict the unknown-unknown – things that are so unexpected that nobody can predict – but I am going to talk about certain trends that are already occurring. And there are […]

How to create a store business plan

What is a business plan? A business plan is a formal report of a business. It contains the goals, the strategy, the tactics, and essentially, it tells you how you’re going to accomplish the goals. Think of a business plan like this. Imagine I ask you to write what are your goals, what resources you […]

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