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Tips for a clothing store counter desk

The counter desk of a clothing store has the following main functions: Accommodate the entire IT and billing system. Place of payment for customers. Storage of bags and packaging. Arranging of administrative material, such as official documents, manuals, billing and transportation documents. Impulse shopping zone, also known as last-minute sales. Information area for clients. Displaying […]

10 Ideas to start a fashion business

If you want to start a fashion business, there are several proved business models, you can rely on. Here are some ideas: 1 – Import and sell online One of the easiest way to start a fashion business is to import clothes from countries that produce cheap clothes and sell it online. First you have […]

Pros and Cons of opening a fashion store

I have started several fashion retail businesses, and I remember that many of the expectations I had were not right. Some things went better than I thought, but others went worse. That’s why I think I’m able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of opening a fashion store. This is my personal opinion based on […]

6 Tips on Store Fitting Rooms

Imagine this situation. The customer looks at your merchandise, it pleases her and the price too. She’s going to try the clothes in the fitting rooms. Will she buy? If a client tries one product, it increases the chance of him buying that product. Specially if they are male clients.

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