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20 theme ideas to decorate your store window

Every store needs a minimum of 2 themes per year to decorate the store window.

I personally recommend between 4 and 8 different themes.

It is not easy to find ideas, that’s why I made this list. In this list you’ll find 20 ideas to decorate your store window.

1 – Beach

This is a safe choice for a window Summer collection. Usually, this window begins in May or June.

You can use beach objects, and they are a good choice because they have bold colors. This is an easy and cheap option.

Another idea (less easy) is to create a beach scene, using sand and beach chairs.

2 – Motor racing

A great choice if you sell products for a male audience.

I’ve seen amazing windows that used real cars or motorcycles. However, most store windows don’t have the size to accommodate a motorbike, much less a real car.

The solution is to use other objects like:

  • Race posters and prints
  • toy cars or motorbikes
  • tires
  • motor oil cans
  • car parts
  • motorbike parts
  • helmets
  • race flags

3 – Walk in the park in September

This is a classic for the autumn season.

You can pick leaves in a park and use them in your window display. No cost.

If you can, add other objects, like: bench, chair, table, basket, wood, etc

4 – Garden

In Spring, this is the classical. A garden with flowers make a great store window display.

People are tired of rain and cold. Flowers can create a better mood on your customers. And that can mean more sales.

You can add other objects: grass, chairs, baskets, etc

5 – Barbecue or picnic

Another classic for Spring or Summer.

You can build a theme around a meal in the garden, park, or beach.

There are several objects that can be used: cooking utensils, tableware, chairs, tables, fake food, etc

6 – Gadgets

Not so common. But gadgets are up, specially electronic gadgets. And they give great ideas to decorate your store window.

Here, you have two options. You can use modern gadgets, or vintage gadgets.

If you have time, you can find beautiful old gadgets. Maybe you have an old phone or TV. With electronic gadgets, anything older than 15 years could be considered vintage.

7 – Christmas

This is a classic theme. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a good Christmas window, because you can use old objects and recycle them. Remember, recycling is a trend.

theme ideas for your store window - christamas

8 – Back to school

This is a must if you sell products to kids or teens.

It is also an inexpensive window. You can use pens, pencils, books, notebooks, etc.

Tip – Buy these objects in October, when stores are discounting them, and use them next year.

9 – Back to office.

If you don’t sell to kids or teens you can still make a great store window in August or September.

When people return to work they need new clothes, so this is a good way to remember them.

You can use desks, pens, pencils, computer, phones, etc

10 – Art gallery

An art gallery or museum is a good theme. You can print famous painting or buy a poster online, put it in a beautiful frame, and you have your art gallery store window.

11 – City

You can choose a city, and try to create a theme around that city.

Prints and window decals can help. Then, if possible, ad some objects that make people remember that city.

Cities like New York, Paris, Rome and London are a good choice, but there are many others.

12 – Specific landscapes

Deserts, forests, poles and other landscapes are also an option for an original store window. You’ll have a lot of work, but in the end, you’ll have a unique window.

13 – Safari

Africa and wild animals are also a good theme for ideas to decorate your store window, if you sell high-end products.

Think of Safari, not as a hunt, but as a visit to watch animals and respect the beauty of Africa.

14 – Vikings, Castles and battles

With famous TV series using vikings and middle Ages as a theme, you can bet this is a good choice.

Just watch these TV series and find objects related with that period of History.

15 – Bicycles

It’s quite easy to make a bike themed store window.

Apart from a bike, you can use bike parts.

16 – Sports

Nowadays, it’s very easy and cheap to find sport objects and make a sport themed window.

You can use: balls, rackets, helmets, and many more items.

You should use a sport, or sports, that are related to your customer target.

17 – Hobby collections

Coins, bills, watches, stamps, and many others. There are hundreds of collectible objects that can be used to create a beautiful window.

Visit websites for hobby collectors and find some ideas.

A single object repeated several times in a window can be remarkable.

18 – Toys

Toys can be used for all type of customers, not only for kids.

Again, an object repeated several times, like a teddy bear, can create a memorable store window.

19 – Countries

Like a city themed window, a country themed window can make people dream of a place where they were happy, or a place they wish they could visit.

Countries with more touristic visits are the best choice if you have middle class customers.

If you have an upscale clientele, a less known country is a better choice.

20 – International day

And the last theme of ideas to decorate your store window.

Every single day commemorates an issue. Some are official like the list made by the United Nations. Others are not official, but it could be interesting to use them. Think the day of: hamburger, chocolate, etc.

You can find the official list of international observances here. Thanks to Wikipedia.

20 theme ideas to decorate your store window
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