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10 Ideas to start a fashion business

If you want to start a fashion business, there are several proved business models, you can rely on.

Here are some ideas:

1 – Import and sell online

One of the easiest way to start a fashion business is to import clothes from countries that produce cheap clothes and sell it online.

First you have to see if it’s easy to import clothes to your country.

Then, go to a website of clothes manufacturers and choose clothes to buy.

Tip: don’t use Alibaba, instead use Aliexpress (it’s the same owners). Because in Aliexpress you can buy the products that are shown. On Alibaba, they produce under your requirements. This could be a good thing if you are a designer and want to invest a lot of money. Otherwise, Aliexpress (and others) are better.

2 – Be a sales representative

Search for brands that are not present in your country, and try no negotiate an agreement. Your job is to find retailers that want to buy new products, in exchange they pay you a commission for sales.

Tip to find those retailers: Search for fashion shows. Every year, new brands appear.

3 – Buy and sell used clothes.

That’s how Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal, started her business. It’s a way to start a fashion business without investing a lot, but learning to become a future retailer.

4 – Buy blank clothes and embellish them.

There’s a market for wholesalers selling blank clothes.

You can buy theses clothes at very low prices and embellish the products. Then sell online, is sites like Etsy, Ebay or even your own online store.

How can you embellish the clothes?

  • Screen print
  • embroidery
  • laces
  • rhinestones
  • cutting
  • sewing
  • etc

5 – Creat your own collection

This is a bit more difficult, but it can be done. This is how many fashion retailers started.

If you are a fashion designer or a fashion lover, you can create a collection and sell it.

Start with few products, always. First learn, then scale.

The difficult part, or at least the expensive part, is to manufacture the products.

6 – Open a store under a franchising model

There are hundreds of franchising fashion businesses. You’ll need to invest money, and apply to become a franchisee.

The advantage is that you’ll get the know-how to operate the store.

7 – Be an affiliate

Several clothing brands have affiliate programs.

You promote their products or store on your website, or on your pages in social media.

If visitors follow the links you provide and buy products. You win a percentage of the purchases they make.

8 – Open a t-shirt store

One of the easiest ways to start a clothing business is to open a t-shirt store.

The investment needed to open a brick and mortar store is higher than an e-store. Nevertheless, both, brick and mortar and e-stores, are very profitable if done well.

You probably heard there are too many people selling t-shirts. It’s true. But there are few people selling t-shirts on their own store. And these are the most profitable t-shirts businesses.

There are too many people selling t-shirts through platforms of designers and t-shirt producers.

It looks like a good business. You make the design, they print the shirt and send to the customer. You profit a percentage of the sale.

However, it’s a very bad business. Almost anyone makes real money. It’s a waste of time.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try. Most of them don’t have any costs to participate.

But owning a real t-shirt store is a good business. I know, because I own t-shirt stores.

If you’re interested in learning more about t-shirt business, visit this site (it has lot of information):

9 – Sell in a Kiosk or mobile store

Kiosks or mobiles stores are a trendy business, right now.

There are several advantages, compared to brick and mortar stores:

  • lower investment
  • flexible open hours
  • you can move the store to better locations

The disadvantaged is that you can’t expect to have huge profits, like a brick and mortar store. But still, you can have a nice profit.

10 – Be a t-shirt wholesaler

Another way to start a fashion business in the t-shirt world, is selling t-shirts to stores.

This is a business that doesn’t have much competition. For now.

The secret to a successful wholesale t-shirt business is to sell t-shirts not only to clothing stores, but to other stores.

It can be news stands, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

10 Ideas to start a fashion business
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