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The secrets of menus that sell

Would you like your customers to spend more money on your restaurant? But are your employees no longer able to convince customers to spend more money?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then “The Secrets of the Menus That Sell” is the right book for you.

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Every day, thousands of restaurant owners try to get customers to order more products (and more expensive ones). Waiters are trained to suggest customers to order a special dish, a starter, or a dessert. But results are too low.

Customers no longer trust waiter’s suggestions. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous restaurant owners have tried to deceive customers by suggesting over-priced products, low-quality food, and of course … customers no longer trust.

But there’s a waiter that customers still trust. And that waiter is your menu.

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When you use the secrets I am going to teach you in this book, your average ticket will increase because customers will order more. And in addition, customers will be more satisfied.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to make the customer enjoy the food more (without changing ingredients or cooking) Page 36
  • How to help customers choose the dishes and drinks they need. Page 23
  • How to make high prices not be seem as so high. Page 48
  • Did you know there are menu areas that sell more than others? Page 45
  • What we should put in the best areas of the menu (and most restaurants do the opposite) Page 52
  • How to know what dishes and drinks you should put on the menu, and those you have to remove immediately. Page 12
  • Don’t confuse customers by making this mistake (confused clients don’t order much) Page 22
  • How to make the customer not to think about the price of the meal (there are two techniques). Page 30
  • How to organize dishes and drinks so the customer chooses more easily. Page 40
  • How to avoid customers choosing the lowest price. Page 26
  • How to get customers to order exactly what you want to sell. Page 14
  • What to do so that children don’t share dishes with parents or brothers. Page 55
  • And much more

Give me an hour of your time and I’ll explain how to turn your menu into your best salesperson.

Your time is short. That’s why I created an easy-to-read book. And because it has several examples and images, it’s easier to learn.

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I’ll give you a full and prompt refund.

That way, you risk nothing.

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The secrets of menus that sell
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