Re-inventing the art of selling products


My life in Fashion Retail

Twenty years have passed since I started my career in retailing. It all started when I finished college. I had just finished my degree in Economics and was starting my degree in Management. My father asked me if I could give some help in our family stores and I accepted. My family had been in […]

The future of retail

The future is uncertain by nature. Nobody really can predict the future. At least I can’t (I wish I could). I am not going to predict the unknown-unknown – things that are so unexpected that nobody can predict – but I am going to talk about certain trends that are already occurring. And there are […]

How to create a store business plan

What is a business plan? A business plan is a formal report of a business. It contains the goals, the strategy, the tactics, and essentially, it tells you how you’re going to accomplish the goals. Think of a business plan like this. Imagine I ask you to write what are your goals, what resources you […]

The only two strategies for a successful store

Have you ever heard a retailer saying “I want to be the next Zara” or H&M, or Amazon? I heard it, many times. I like people with big ambitions, but it’s easier to win the lottery than being one of the biggest retailers on earth. In reality, many big retailers don’t have a successful store.

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