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How to decorate your store for Christmas

For a lot of stores, Christmas is still the best season of sales.

A decoration, specially made for Christmas, is important for two reasons:

  1. It reminds customers to buy their Christmas gifts. Also tells them, your store is a place where many people buy gifts for Christmas. If not, why would you bother to make special decoration.
  2. It makes customers buy more. It changes the mood for Christmas.

The time schedule to decorate a store for Christmas

There are three steps in the process:

  1. General Idea, budgeting and planning. Your work is easier if you find a sub-theme. Your theme is Christmas, but your sub-theme should be more specific, like: Christmas in the park, Christmas in New York, Christmas night, and so on.
  2. Buying and preparation of materials, and execution of decors. It usually takes more time and costs more than you anticipated.
  3. Implementation. It’s when you display the special decoration in stores. If you do a great work in step 2, this should be the easiest step

Step 1 must have place between 1st October and 1st November, depending on step 2.

Step 2 usually takes from 15 to 60 days.

Step 3, between 15th of November and 7th of December.

There are 3 areas to decorate a store for Christmas

1 – The Window

This is the main area of Christmas decoration. These are some of the items you can use:

  • Windows decals, with designs like: trees, Santa, snowman. And also Christmas sentences, like “Merry Christmas” and so on.
  • Christmas plants, holly, ivy.
  • Gift packages and gift boxes.
  • Special decors, like candles.

2 – The interior

The store’s interior is less remembered when retailers develop a plan to decorate a store for Christmas. But you should do it, because:

  • It’s much less expensive than decorating the window. For a few bucks you can decorate the interior. You can even use decors you used the past year in the Christmas window.
  • Your Christmas window helps to put customers in the store, but interior decorations helps you convert these customers into buyers. Your customers should feel the same appeal they felt outside when they walk into your store.

What items should you use to decorate your store’s interior?

  • Christmas trees, if you have a big store.
  • Jars with holly, lights and so on.
  • Gift packages and gift boxes. It’s a big advantage to have a good gift package. But it’s more effective if your clients can see the package, even before buying. People like to offer Christmas gifts in nice boxes or packages. So, don’t hide your beautiful gift packaging.

The Exterior of store

Not all the stores can have the exterior decorated for Christmas.

But if your store is suitable for exterior decoration, you should do it. It will reinforce the windows appeal, specially at night.

What items should you use:

  • Christmas plants.
  • Lights.
  • Lights and plants

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How to decorate your store for Christmas
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